The Political Version Of Taking Your Ball

For those of us, who remember playing on school – yards, in what we referred to as, pick – up games, most recall the individuals, who, didn’t like some, particular result, and grabbed his basketball, etc, and took the ball, and went home! Unfortunately, it seems like, the United States political system, has deteriorated, to the degree/ extent, where we’ve seen much too much selfish, juvenile behavior, and far, too – little, responsible, responsive actions, etc! Especially, in the past four years, the rhetoric of Donald Trump, who, constantly, consistently, resorted to blaming and complaining others, and seeming to avoid taking any personal responsibility, made me think back, to those days, of my youth (and, not in a good way!). Everything, he disagreed with, or disagreed with, him, was referred to by some label, such as Fake News, Deep State, political hoax, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 examples of this type of reckless behavior.

1. Polls he didn’t like: Whenever, any poll, came – out, which he didn’t feel, was positive – enough, the President called it political, and manipulated by the phony media! Of course, when something positive, was released, that same media, was quoted. He emphasized, an, Us, versus them, philosophy, and approach, which created, the degree of polarization, which few have witnessed, before, in recent memory!

2. Results were rigged, etc: Beginning, before the Presidential election, this President began making accusations of irregularities, but, never showing any evidence, and/ or proof. When the results came in, and he didn’t like losing, he used every possible path, to dispute them, including about 60 Court cases, and numerous appeals, as well as the rhetoric, many believe, let to the horrific events, of January 6th, 2021. Although, he, and his core supporters, cling to their positions, every re – count, significant Court ruling, etc, clearly indicated he lost! How did that behavior help this nation?

3. Riots: Many point to the insurrection, and riots at the Capitol, this past January, they followed a pattern of behavior, Trump, at the very – least, encouraged, and, at – worst, was, partly, responsible for. Encouraging protestors, carrying weapons (including assault weapons), to protest, at the Michigan state – house, equating protestors in Charlottesville, by, referring to them, as, Many good people, on both sides, etc, created a sense of enabling, and entitlement, in the minds, of many individuals, many saying, afterword, they felt the President, asked/ told them, to do it! Many Republican legislators, by refusing to hold Trump accountable, or even seriously, consider, reviewing the concerning behaviors, created the monster! To this day, we continue to see, this type of juvenile, irresponsible approaches, from Senators, such as Johnson (from Wisconsin), who, state, the insurrection, was not, nearly as bad as the media reported (perhaps, he should tell that to the dead and wounded police officers, etc), and it was another political hoax! We need an adult, in the room!

4. Pandemic reporting: From the beginning, when Trump claimed the pandemic was a hoax, and, then, continuing to minimize its impacts, to discouraging others, in terms of wearing a mask, social distancing, and personal responsibility, the emphasis, was not on, creating a viable plan, to address it, but, rather, to blame the press, and the Democrats, for anything, the voters/ public, complained about!

5. Alternative “facts”: When his spokesperson, answered someone’s question, about the amount, Trump seemed to make misstatements, and referred to them, as alternative “facts,” we should have been concerned. While, we are all entitled to our own opinion, facts, are facts, and shouldn’t be manipulated to serve anyone’s personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest!

Wake up, America, and refuse to settle, for juvenile leadership, and insist, on, integrity, and ethics, in those we elect! Are you ready to become a more responsible voter, and citizen?